3rd Virtual Conference on Counseling
Program Schedule
All times are Eastern Standard time (+3 SLT, - 5 GMT)
(subject to change)

Wednesday 9/14

10:00 AM EST Opening Session: Orientation and Welcome - Marty Jencius & Debra London
11:00 AM EST Login 2 Life - A New Documentary about the Positive Uses of Second Life - DeeAnna Nagel, Kate Anthony, and Daniel Moshel
12:00 PM EST Supporting Children in Crisis - Kimberly Desmond, Clarrice Rapisarda and Jill Nelson
1:00 PM EST Sheltering-In-Place and Mental Health: Confinement as a viable Disaster Response Strategy - Stephanie Dailey and Michelle Wade
2:00 PM EST Planning towards an Unconference - Debra London and Marty Jencius
3:00 PM EST Becoming an Ally: Advocacy for LGBTIQQ Youth - Maiko Xiong and Matthew Branfield
4:00 PM EST A Qualitative Study of Women's Appearance Concern in Second Life - Mary Lee Nelson
5:00 PM EST The Impact Individual Characteristics May Have on Your Experience of Burnout - Jonathan Lent and Bridget Lind-Stahl
6:00 PM EST Technology Tools to Enhance the Process of Clinical Experiences Coordination: A Multidisciplinary Perspective - Kylie Dotson-Blake, Kaye Dotson, and Angela Holman
7:00 PM EST Using Technology in Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum - Shawn Ware-Avant and Kathrin Hartman
8:00 PM EST How Virtual Environments Create Virtual Presence in the Acquisition of Counseling Skills - Cynthia Tandy and Cynthia Doss
9:00 PM EST Social time - Second Life Table Games

Thursday 9/15

9:00 AM EST Preparing Counselors to Assess Suicidal Clients - Jason McGlothlin and Kristin Bruns
10:00 AM EST Using Arts Processes for Learning in Second Life - Niela Miller
11:00 AM EST Engaging Gamers: Treatment Considerations for Working with Gen X, Y and Z - Shawn Ware-Avant and Donna Z. Davis
12:00 PM EST Wellness Journaling for Holistic Care - Pete Finnerty
1:00 PM EST Motivational Interviewing and Gestalt Therapy: Methodological Convergence and Second-Order Divergence when Providing Therapy for Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions - Brian Mistler
2:00 PM EST Addressing the Technology Gap in Counselor Education: Complications and Resolutions - Isaac Burt, Tiphanie Gonzalez, and Nivischi Edwards
3:00 PM EST Simple Supervision Interventions and Considerations - Kimberly Desmond, Jill Nelson, and Clarrice Rapisarda
4:00 PM EST Powerful Paradigms for Second Life Career Development: Schools, Colleges, & Private Practices - Ed Colozzi
5:00 PM EST Counselling, Class and Income - Clare Slaney
6:00 PM EST Culturally Competent Counseling in Appalachia - Bianca Puglia, Panagiotis Markopoulos, and Shana Goggins
7:00 PM EST Attitudes of Christian Counselor Educators toward Same-Sex Orientation - Michelle Cox
8:00 PM EST Chris Evermore for live entertainment

Friday 9/16

10:00 AM EST Using instructional strategies in counselor education - Teah Moore
11:00 AM EST Unconference
12:00 PM EST Unconference
1:00 PM EST New Strategies for Teaching Career Counseling - Aaron Oberman
2:00 PM EST Instillation of Empirically-Supported Hope: A Proposal for Working with the Adult Survivors of Romanian Orphanages - Laura Schmuldt, Troyann Gentile and Stephanie F. Hall
3:00 PM EST Connect the isolated practicing school counselors-applications of online supervision - Yi-Chun Lin
4:00 PM EST Awareness Through Engagement: Experiential Activities to Promote Sexual Identity Awareness and Development - Kylie Dotson-Blake and Angela Holman
5:00 PM EST Renegotiating identities in virtual worlds - William Solomonson and Joel Lane

Saturday 9/17

10:00 AM EST Critically Analyzing a Counselor Education Program through Outcome Assessment: Increasing Student Learning and Improving Program Curriculum - Isaac Burt, Tiphanie Gonzalez and Nivischi Edwards
11:00 AM EST The Fourth Dimension: 4-D Communication with Adolescents - William ‘Wally’ Scott
12:00 PM EST Intuition in Career Counseling - Carol Vecchio, Byron Waller, and Heather Zeng
1:00 PM EST The learning disabled college student: Impact, resources, strategies - Nicki Nance
2:00 PM EST Conference Closure: Looking backward, looking forward - Marty Jencius and Debra London