September 14-17, 2011
CESL Conference Center, Second life

About the conference:
3VCC is an opportunity for Counselors, Counselor Educators, and allied professional to present on topics of their interest to an international audience. The conference is hosted in a virtual environment (Second Life) and this allows presenters and attendees to attend the conference at minimal cost and disruption. Continuing Education Credits will be available for attendees.

Counselor Education in Second Life is pleased to be working again this year with
Onlinevents.co.uk who will be webstreaming the conference at their site for those unable to join the conference through Second Life avatars.

We had so much success with last year’s counseling conference that we are going to try to expand it this year to include a wider range of clinicians and scholars from around the globe. This opportunity to share and learn with interested individuals worldwide is just one of the strengths of presenting and attending this conference.

A tentative conference program is posted HERE (subject to change). A sample of conference presentations include:

  • Motivational Interviewing and Gestalt Therapy
  • Analyzing Counselor Education Through Outcome Assessment
  • Simple Supervision Interventions
  • Using Technology to Work with Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Preparing Counselors to Assess Suicidal Clients
  • Experiential Activities to Promote Sexual Identity Awareness
  • ... and over 25 more presentations

Register for the Conference:
Conference Registration is FREE: CLICK HERE and up to 25 hours of CEUs are available at no charge.
Should you have any questions please email Marty
mjencius@kent.edu or Debra dlondon@kent.edu and we will get them answered.

We understand that it can be intimidating for attendee who has never used a computer virtual world. Just check the appropriate boxes on the registration form and we will contact you with a list of training times. We can provide help from your first step (creating your virtual self) to helping you develop the skills and tools necessary to navigate the computer generated virtual conference.

Think of this as a networking opportunity. An Unconference is way to have attendees generate ideas and interest that they would like to explore in small groups. During the conference time will be set aside for individuals to identify areas that they would like to discuss during the Unconference session. Individuals will then meet in these groups to discuss the topic and hopefully continue their conversations after the conference closes.

About Second Life:
Second Life is the premier virtual world currently in existence. The environment allows individuals (as avatars) to interact in real time and in meaningful ways. Presenters have the full range of presentation tools that they would find in a traditional conference along with a host of new tools. Imagine instantly having appeared during your presentation a 3D interactive model that attendees can utilize to experience your topic in a dynamic fashion.

The motto for Second Life is “Your World, Your Imagination”; The goal of 3VCC is to take your topic, combine it with the possibilities inherent in Second Life and then deliver it in a way that is impactful, engaging, and creative.

Should you have any questions please email Marty
mjencius@kent.edu or Debra dlondon@kent.edu and we will get them answered.