2nd Virtual Conference on Counseling (2VCC) 2010

The 2nd Virtual Conference on Counseling was held on September 15-18, 2010 at the CESL Conference center and Cooperative Extension Education Center locations in Second Life® (SecondLife.com),  Second Life is a persistent, synchronous online environment in which people to interact through avatars, or graphical representations.

The 2VCC covered 4 days with over 40 presentations on issues related to counseling, counselor education, supervision and the use of technology (particularly Second Life) in counseling practice and training.

The conference was FREE and available to interested professionals. A schedule of presentations is available through this website.

A live stream of the conference was provided by
http://www.onlinevents.co.uk Portions of the live stream are still available at http://www.onlinevents.co.uk

2VCC Conference schedule: CLICK HERE

The virtual environment for this conference provided the opportunity to extend the reach of the delivered content.  Those who cannot afford the time to travel to a "traditional" conference could easily attend this year’s virtual event.  As a training tool this virtual environment allows whole classes to attend the conference; either as a group directly from the classroom or with each participants logging in from separate locations.

Presenters were provided with all the traditional presentation tools including the ability to use PowerPoint or slides, show videos, have large and small group discussions, and provide handouts. In addition, session minutes and conversation transcripts can quickly be provided to all participants.