Practice Sessions for Conference Presenters and Attendees

We have established these times as practice sessions for conference presenters and attendees who might be new to the Second Life environment. These sessions will be helpful for those needing to learn navigation, movement, text chat, and for assistance in setting up the audio and chat capabilities. Interested members should have their SL avatar set-up and logged in to participate in these practice sessions. Once inworld come to the CESL center or IM Debra London (SL: Debra Hilra) Marty Jencius (SL; Kimbo Scribe) or Chad Yates (SL: Chad Quicksand) to get teleported to the location.

Come back to look for additional times and/or contact Debra London or Marty Jencius for additional assistance.


Friday 9/3 7-8 pm Marty
Sunday 9/5 11 am -12 Debra
Monday 9/6 11 am -12 Debra
Monday 9/6 1pm - 2pm Marty
Monday 9/6 6pm-7pm Marty
Tuesday 9/7 12-2 pm Chad
Wednesday 9/8 11am -12 noon Marty
Wednesday 9/8 7-8pm Marty
Thursday 9/9 12-1 pm Marty
Friday 9/10 12-2 pm Chad
Saturday 9/11 10-11am Debra
Saturday 9/11 11-12 Marty
Saturday 9/11 7-8 Marty
Sunday 9/12 10-11am Debra
Sunday 9/12 4-5pm Marty
Monday 9/13 10pm-11pm Marty
Tuesday 9/14 10am-11am Marty
Tuesday 9/14 12-2 pm Chad