November 20-22, 2013
CESL Conference Center, Second life

About the conference:
5VCC is an opportunity for Counselors, Counselor Educators, and allied professional to present on topics of their interest to an international audience. The conference is hosted in a virtual environment (Second Life) and this allows presenters and attendees to attend the conference at minimal cost and disruption. Continuing Education Credits will be available for attendees.

Call for Proposals:
Each presentation slot is 50 minutes. You can submit a conference proposal here
In order to participate in 5VCC you must have 1. a (free) registered account with Second Life (go to SecondLife.com and Join), 2. You should have downloaded and setup the Second Life (free) viewer software (http://secondlife.com/downloads), and 3. Logged in with your avatar name through the viewer software.
Register (free) for the conference will become available soon.

Counselor Education in Second Life is pleased to be working again this year with
Onlinevents.co.uk who will be webstreaming the conference at their site for those unable to join the conference through Second Life avatars.
We had so much success with last year’s counseling conference that we are going to try to expand it this year to include a wider range of clinicians and scholars from around the globe. This opportunity to share and learn with interested individuals worldwide is just one of the strengths of presenting and attending this conference.

This conference provides a vehicle for you to share your knowledge and experience with interested attendees without the time or expense of travel.  For those unfamiliar with Second Life and wanting to experience presenting in this environment full training will be provided.  Mastering a new technology can be intimidating yet the conference coordinators have developed training methods to help any interested party successfully deliver dynamic and engaging presentations for this conference.

Presenting in a virtual environment such as Second Life allows for presentations that are as simple as a PowerPoint or as complex as a 3 dimensional immersion in a topic. This medium offers an opportunity to stretch your creativity on your topic.