Welcome to CESL

Welcome to the first post to the CESL blog. I am not much of a blogger. Tried it in the past but could not settle into a regular pattern of posting. My Second Life (SL) colleagues have suggested that I use this new media to record the development of CESL (Counselor Education in Second Life).

The idea started with me after I attended a workshop about Second Life at Kent State University. Curious about the pedagogical potential for the platform, I first constructed my avatar character, Kimbo Scribe, and entered Second Life to start to play.

My first thought was to construct a location in SL where counseling trainees could try out counseling assessment with other students who are in the roles of clients. I created the Satori Mental Health Center on a small section of land (512 sq. m) on the mainland. Before the center could become useful for students, I was dealing with security problems on the site and also a neighbor who had constructed some billboards for an SL latex clothing store. It was time to move. Debra Hilra, a counseling student and long time SL resident, searched for land and found the current location at SLURL (Second Life URL) Tikvah 61, 53, 26 where we started the CESL.

So far this has been a great deal of fun. I have had help from L1Aura Loire, another academic, designer and educational technologist who is interested in virtual culture. She has introduced me to Anamika Bebb of the Center for Connected Health and Redstar Maximus a wonderfully talented person who knows about organizing events in SL.

Right now the CESL is a building and an auditorium shell. L1Aura, Debra, and Leeah Vaher have been helpful in the layout and design and will help the landscape the grounds over the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted with my progress.