Done, done, done, done, done

Well, it has been a rough couple of days but we are ready to make the announcement abut the Center and the Conference. Debra and Leeah did some more landscaping creating a koi pond and a pagoda for visitors to sit at. L1Aura came in and added some more landscaping and context to the area.

I have to work on a nameplate for the building recognizing the work.

Today, after a grueling schedule at work and teaching tonight, I completed the announcement that I want to use for the listservs about the conference. I have to teach tonight so either it will be posted late tonight (when I should be drinking green beer) or tomorrow morning (18th). I have loaded more information abut the conference on the website so the website looks complete for now.

My next blog will include the post I make for the announcement. Hope to see you inworld after this.