Creating Center Resources

This month has been an exciting one as we continue to make contacts, draw people into SL to experiment, and get them interested in doing the CESL conference. The real convincer is when we get someone to enter SL and navigate around it. I am really thrilled with peoples’ responses to the the center when they come into SL to see it.

Debra Hilra has done some additional landscaping including a pond and pavilion. I have added some tai chi pose balls to the south shore where visitors can as a group do synchronous tai chi (well, at least their AVs can).

One of the problems we thought we might have is how to distribute material from conferences to attendees and to visitors and students to the center. Debra Hilra and I both went and purchase an inworld publishing system and then the race was on. Debra managed to win this one (she had the morning off from RL work to play) and published a 14 page book on Adlerian concepts (using some PowerPoint slides I use to teach counseling theories in RL). By the ned of the day I taught myself how to create a similar book on Transcultural Counseling from a presentation Dr. John McFadden and I had done. I am working on another book from a presentation that Dr. Tim Poynton and I did on the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision 2007 Technology Standards.

If you come to the Center. Go to the second floor and look in the group room meeting room. You can see and explore the books there.

This opens up a whole new resource capability for the center.