Many changes

It seems like it has been a while since I posted.... Well, yes it has been. I have been on the RL road this last weekend to do a workshop and so much work led up to getting that ready that I have been away from the blog. The good news is that the fine work at the CESL center continues and we are really getting it ready for trainees and eventually the fall conference. I have been leaking the project showing the site to a few folks who, once they get the idea, are really excited about the possibilities for this.

My thanks continue to Debra Hilra (building designer, architect and shoreline), Leeah Vaher (interior design), and L1Aura Loire (grounds and interactive experience). The offices are complete thanks to Leeah, and L1 is beginning to add more fun things to the grounds. I have shot some pictures which I will put up later this evening from RL home.